16 Aug

Zero Trust and Deception Technology – A comprehensive security strategy


Zero trust has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry today. Many vendors claim to have a “widget” that if purchased will “automagically” implement the zero trust model into one’s organization.

21 Jul

Meeting TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines with Cyber Deception


Oil and gas infrastructure is both among the oldest critical infrastructure and the most important. In the United States, oil and gas pipelines deliver power that keeps cars on the road, hospitals, homes and military infrastructure powered, and life in general moving as normal.

19 Jul

Three Reasons You Need Cyber Deception Now


The menace of advanced persistent threats (APTs) globally has skyrocketed this decade, fed by global sociopolitical issues and a worldwide pandemic. In June 2021, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) reported that the number of malicious attacks against critical sectors had more than doubled in 2020, and experts agree that the trend is only increasing.

7 Jul

How to Boost NIS2 Compliance Efforts in Six Important Categories


With the implementation of the new European NIS2 directive right around the corner, it’s essential that organizations that fall under the directive are prepared. Keep reading to better understand what the NIS2 directive is, what organizations can do to prepare for this change in how cybersecurity is handled, and how CounterCraft can help with future compliance.

28 Jun

Protecting Financial Services Using Cyber Deception and SWIFT


According to a recent article in the Financial Times, worries about attacks on the SWIFT banking platform have only grown since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which prompted the ousting of seven Russian banking lenders from the global payment network.

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