18 Mar

Are You Ready for Deception?


Who can use cyber deception? We get this question all the time. Deception technology is gaining recognition as one of the most fail-proof ways to protect against cyber attackers, and one of the only ways to detect insider threats and lateral movement.

15 Mar

The Florida Water Hack & Defending OT Systems | Founder Chat


Operational technology is a security challenge for industrial organizations around the world. The repercussions of an OT hack can pose dangers for society as a whole, as we saw recently in the Florida water hack.

12 Mar

Defend Forward, Part One


The impact of the SolarWinds Orion attack is staggering. The newly discovered Hafnium/Microsoft breach looks to be potentially just as wide reaching. However, these are only the latest attacks in which US companies and agencies will be struggling for years with how compromised they are.

8 Mar

Real World Cases: Threat Intel to Detect Insider Threats


Insider threats were involved in 30% of the data breaches in 2020. Insider threats are one of the most difficult security problems to detect, but CounterCraft provides high-confidence alerts by creating deception environments that attract anyone poking around where they shouldn’t be.

3 Mar

The Case of the Crypto Miners: When Attackers Use Deception


What do you do when sophisticated attackers disguise themselves as low-priority threat actors to more easily deliver a dangerous payload? I want to take security leaders back to a news story that broke in the preceding months and got overshadowed by the huge Solar Winds news.

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