1 Jun

Attack Trees in Deception Campaigns


The concept of attack trees or attack paths and how to increase the cost for the attacker in time and resources (not always monetary) has been discussed many times and it is still considered a good approach in any modern security strategy.

27 May

How to Effectively Use MITRE ATT&CK and Deception Campaigns to Engage with Threat Actors


The growing popularity of MITRE ATT&CK is a good indication that finally, we have a common language to describe the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that threat actors are using in their daily operations.

18 May

Data Protection for the Healthcare Sector and Laboratories


In a post COVID-19 world the security landscape of many organisations has been radically realigned. In particular, the healthcare sector was facing significant challenges prior to the pandemic, so the current situation has only added to the security burdens they face.

7 May

Remote Access & VPN Risks in the New Cybersecurity Scenario


With most employees working from home amid today’s COVID-19 outbreak, VPN and remote access to enterprise resources have drastically increased. This is a huge challenge for the IT and security departments as many security experts believe that the current VPN deployments are designed for a small percentage of employees of the organizations and not for the overwhelming number of teleworkers who now need to access them repeatedly throughout the workday.

28 Apr

How to Use Cyber Deception Technology to Block Targeted Phishing Campaigns


In these uncertain times, CISOs are having to deal with an entirely new security profile for their organisations. The ability to control every security facet on end users’ machines has been loosened considerably.

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