14 Apr

The Truth About IoCs | Founder Chat


CounterCraft’s founders talk about Indicators of Compromise, or IoCs. Can you trust them? What’s the key to using IoCs? The problem is, oftentimes, IoCs like IP addresses or domain names are old and out of date.

12 Apr

What You Don’t Know...


You don’t know what you don’t know…but what if you could? When I joined CounterCraft a few years ago now, a good colleague of mine helped me to understand the value of cyber deception by using a very simple analogy about a chicken farm.

6 Apr

What’s the Real Difference Between Cyber Deception and Honeypots?


Once, decades ago, honeypots were synonymous with deception techniques in the cyber world. These clever pieces of data or desirable information were used to lure attackers and influence, often in real time, their behavior.

29 Mar

Can You Trust Your IoCs?


Monday 9:35am. One of our customers receives an alert that their CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform has detected an interesting threat actor: Carbanak/Anunak. Taking a closer look at the notification, we can see that it seems that CounterCraft detected an IoC belonging to a threat actor.

18 Mar

Are You Ready for Deception?


Who can use cyber deception? We get this question all the time. Deception technology is gaining recognition as one of the most fail-proof ways to protect against cyber attackers, and one of the only ways to detect insider threats and lateral movement.

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