17 Dec

Cyber CEOs React to log4j Vulnerability


The “worst computer vulnerability in decades” is how professionals are categorizing the recently discovered log4j vulnerability. Watch this video, featuring CounterCraft CSO Dan Brett and CEO David Barroso, to get their take on the log4 vulnerability.

7 Dec

blueheaven: Command and Control Malware


The Internet is plagued by automated systems that are looking for vulnerable machines to attack, with the hopes of obtaining desired or exploitable information. In this blog post, we will analyze an attack we detected in one of our internet-facing deception environments: blueheaven malware.

16 Nov

CVE-2021-41773 Actively Exploited by H2Miner


Cloud computing has its share of major security threats, and there are some that are both consistent and insistent. One of them is the H2Miner/Kinsing malware.

3 Nov

Docker Daemon Worms | Founder Chat


Docker containers being exploited by cryptojacking worms. It’s an issue we began to see a couple years ago, and these worms are still alive and kicking.

19 Oct

Defend Forward, Part Three: Taking It Operational


Defend forward, which we have written about in previous blog posts, could very well be the future of enterprise cybersecurity. A posture that seeks to gain early understanding and warnings of attacker activity instead of waiting for a breach to happen and then dealing with the consequences, it’s the clearest way to prevent huge data losses and catch experienced attackers off guard.

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