22 Apr

Why Threat Intel is Broken


As a security analyst, we’ve all been there before. You’re getting ready for work, scroll the news, and notice that a new breach was discovered at a company that’s not even in your industry.

14 Apr

The Truth About IoCs | Founder Chat


CounterCraft’s founders talk about Indicators of Compromise, or IoCs. Can you trust them? What’s the key to using IoCs? The problem is, oftentimes, IoCs like IP addresses or domain names are old and out of date.

29 Mar

Can You Trust Your IoCs?


Monday 9:35am. One of our customers receives an alert that their CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform has detected an interesting threat actor: Carbanak/Anunak. Taking a closer look at the notification, we can see that it seems that CounterCraft detected an IoC belonging to a threat actor.

12 Mar

Defend Forward, Part One


The impact of the SolarWinds Orion attack is staggering. The newly discovered Hafnium/Microsoft breach looks to be potentially just as wide reaching. However, these are only the latest attacks in which US companies and agencies will be struggling for years with how compromised they are.

8 Mar

Real World Cases: Threat Intel to Detect Insider Threats


Insider threats were involved in 30% of the data breaches in 2020. Insider threats are one of the most difficult security problems to detect, but CounterCraft provides high-confidence alerts by creating deception environments that attract anyone poking around where they shouldn’t be.

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