The team behind CounterCraft is a group of cybersecurity experts, passionate about the world of threat intelligence and the brains behind our powerful deception-powered platform. On our series, Meet The Crafters, we introduce you to some of them, and get their takes on current cybersecurity issues and today’s technology and challenges.

Watch the video to get to know Amyn Gilani, Chief Growth Officer and head of expansion in the United States, and find out what the state of cybersecurity is in the United States right now.

Amyn started his career in the Air Force as a cyber threat analyst before moving to the private sector, working at Goldman Sachs and other big businesses. He then moved on to 4iQ, where he helped build the company and launch new cybersecurity products. Amyn’s entrepreneurial passion is now leading CounterCraft’s American outreach.

Traditional threat intelligence is broken.“- Amyn Gilani, Chief Growth Officer.[Tweet this!]

One of Amyn’s favorite phrases is guiding our approach to the market. After years of watching IOCs and observables based on big data, Amyn feels that the old approach to threat intelligence is dated. He sees CounterCraft’s deception-powered threat intelligence as the future, providing real-time, specific data to organizations, which gives them the ability to improve their security posture.

Watch the full video to see Amyn’s take on the state of US cybersecurity and his vision for the future.

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