The team behind CounterCraft is a group of cybersecurity experts, passionate about the world of threat intelligence and the brains behind our powerful deception-powered platform. On our series, Meet The Crafters, we introduce you to some of them, and get their takes on current cybersecurity issues and today’s technology and challenges.

Watch the video to get to know Luke Wilson, our VP of Operations and Partnerships, and see why he thinks businesses simply can’t keep doing business the same way.

Luke has an amazing intelligence and business background, having started his career in the U.S. Air Force as an intelligence analyst and special investigations agent. He served over 9 years at the FBI focused on counter-terrorism, cyber intelligence, and was the founder of the Virtual Currency Team at the bureau, which focused on illicit uses of cryptocurrency.

One of Luke’s favorite concepts is the defend forward security posture. After years of leading intelligence and business development at various threat analysis and intel companies, Luke has some strong opinions on the way forward in the cybersecurity arena.

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