Elections are a major target for nation-state attackers this year.

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Tune in to this webinar to see:

How to detect both internal and external actors in voting systems to improve election cybersecurity.

Novel approaches to threat detection and response that can be deployed easily.

As democracy goes digital, CounterCraft provides solutions to effectively, efficiently, and rapidly secure elections.

Elections rely on electronic voting, and both voting infrastructure and public confidence in it must be maintained. In this webinar, Richard Barrell, Technical Evaluations Manager at CounterCraft, shows how CounterCraft’s adversary-generated threat detection solution provides protection for back-end infrastructure of election systems to ensure election cybersecurity. 

Deployment is in days, not weeks, for a technology that provides detailed, adversary-generated threat intelligence in real time. Tune into this webinar to see

  • how your team can deflect attackers into an environment they believe is real
  • how you can observe them
  • how detailed IOCs enable mitigation and allow law enforcement to act in a matter of minutes
  • how to strengthening cybersecurity postures for future elections.
Richard Barrell, Technical Evaluations Manager at CounterCraft

Richard Barrell

Technical Evaluations Manager