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Concerned about cyber threats to the healthcare industry?
We have a solution.

The healthcare sector has always been a target for cyber criminals, but that focus has only increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Download this datasheet to find out how our deception-powered threat intelligence platform can help healthcare organizations protect sensitive data and increase cyber resilience.

Healthcare data sheet
Healthcare data sheet on ipad

What’s inside?

  • Two pages of insight into cybersecurity and the healthcare industry
  • A list of challenges for healthcare organizations
  • A list of use cases for the healthcare industry
  • An example of a campaign designed to detect data exfiltration by emulating a medical device
  • The technical scope and summary of the cyber deception platform
  • Capabilities and benefits of cyber deception in the healthcare industry

Each breach in the healthcare industry costs an average of $9.23 million, the highest of any industry.

Cybersecurity in the healthcare industry is high stakes, thanks to its high-ticket data and critical services. CounterCraft has developed a sophisticated cyber-deception platform that can detect threat actors targeting organizations before they get into the network.

The healthcare industry needs to protect patient records from ransomware and data breaches, while also meeting regulatory standards and clearing any safety audits.

Check out this healthcare industry datasheet to learn more about technology that is proven to gather actionable threat intelligence with zero false positives.

Want to protect your healthcare organization while gathering real-time, tailored threat intel?