The best active defense tech on the planet.

We have built the highest-quality deception platform for active defense. Our proprietary ActiveLures™ populate ActiveSense™ environments and communicate using our ActiveLink™ technology.

CounterCraft technology


Custom or template based, that can be deployed across multiple endpoints, servers or even on internet based platforms such as PasteBin, GitHub and Shodan. Both passive and active breadcrumbs allow you to tailor them to attract exactly the adversary you are targeting.

The main job of the ActiveLures is attract adversaries into the CounterCraft ActiveSense Environments.

CounterCraft technology

ActiveSense Environments

ActiveSense Environments are the core of your CounterCraft deployment. They contain real machines, and real services that provide a credible environment to deflect and monitor the adversary.

ActiveSense Environments are deployed quickly and controlled from the CounterCraft Platform. A wide range of host-types and services are available, out of the box, to create an environment that is credible and makes the adversary think they have struck gold!

ActiveSense Environments combine the detailed telemetry collected by the DeepSense agents and the command and control capability of the CounterCraft ActiveLink network to provide a full, deep sensing environment to collect and deliver all adversary activity in real-time.

DeepSense Agent

How to gather telemetry unseen and undetected? The CounterCraft DeepSense agent is the key.

The fully cloaked agent gathers all adversary activity on the deception host and sends it back to the CounterCraft ActiveConsole via the ActiveLink command and control network.


ActiveBehavior is a human interaction simulation tool that keeps a deception environment looking authentic without you lifting a finger by automating the process of logging in and performing “typical” user activities, or basic SysAdmin tasks.

CounterCraft technology


The CounterCraft Platform plays nicely with other platforms. If you need to share threat intelligence or incident data with another platform, ActiveConnect makes this easy, whether it's a SIEM, SOAR, Intel Sharing Platform or messaging service, the chances are it is already part of the CounterCraft third-party integration family.

If you can't find your specific app, a fully documented RESTful API is available to make new integrations a breeze.

CounterCraft technology