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The fast-moving, rapidly growing environment of e-commerce means the attack surface of the retail industry has grown, making it an even more prominent target for cyber criminals. Download this datasheet to find out how our deception-powered threat intelligence platform can help protect e-commerce, cut down supply chain risk and more.

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“Attackers are targeting retailers’ increasing use of cloud services, human vulnerability to phishing attacks, and complex supply chains to gain access to whatever crown jewels they want.”

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Four pages of insight into retail industry security.
A list of challenges for stores and e-commerce.
A real-life retail case study.
An example of a campaign designed to detect lateral movement
The technical scope and summary of the cyber deception platform
Capabilities and benefits of cyber deception in the retail industry

The average cost of a data breach in retail is $3.27 million.

Retail has always been a primary target of cyber criminals. CounterCraft has developed a sophisticated cyber-deception platform that installs quickly and addresses some of the biggest challenges in retail, including data exfiltration, insider threat, e-commerce, supply chain threats, and PoS security.

Retail industry organizations need to secure their points of sale, supply chains, and customer data, and they must be able to quickly identify attacks.

Check out this retail industry datasheet to learn more about technology that is proven to gather actionable threat intelligence and offer security visibility across vast infrastructures.

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