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22 Apr

Why Threat Intel is Broken


As a security analyst, we’ve all been there before. You’re getting ready for work, scroll the news, and notice that a new breach was discovered at a company that’s not even in your industry. You know it’s going to be the shiny ball of the day as soon as you roll into the office. Your manager, CISO, and everyone in a three-mile radius want to know what’s going on and if your enterprise is exposed.

20 Apr

How to Activate ActiveBehavior | Threat Deception in A Minute


Our team works constantly to make the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform easy and intuitive to use. Many of the functions of the Cyber Deception Platform can be deployed with just a few clicks of the mouse. This new series, Threat Deception in a Minute, highlights just how simple it is to get powerful deception technology set up in your system. Whether you’re a current customer or wondering what it’s like to utilize deception, you’ll find these videos quick, interesting and helpful.

15 Apr

Deception for Industrial Control Systems


Attackers only have to be lucky once. Defenders have to be lucky every time. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have many unique characteristics that make defensive countermeasures against cyber attacks a challenging job. The main priority for ICS/SCADA systems is operational continuity. The use of outdated and physically isolated devices, and the inevitable convergence between the IT and the OT world, makes these environments vulnerable to insider threats and external breach attempts.

14 Apr

The Truth About IoCs | Founder Chat


CounterCraft’s founders talk about Indicators of Compromise, or IoCs. Can you trust them? What’s the key to using IoCs? The problem is, oftentimes, IoCs like IP addresses or domain names are old and out of date. In this video, Dan and David talk about specific examples of when IoCs have returned incorrect intel. They also discuss the Pyramid of Pain, a concept that outlines how to do the most damage against attackers and how to foil their strategies.

12 Apr

What You Don’t Know...


You don’t know what you don’t know…but what if you could? When I joined CounterCraft a few years ago now, a good colleague of mine helped me to understand the value of cyber deception by using a very simple analogy about a chicken farm. Today, I would like to share it with you to give you a new perspective into how cyber deception could be useful for you in your goal to build a more resilient cyber security for your organization.

9 Apr

Meet The Crafters: Rich Barrell


The team behind CounterCraft is a group of cybersecurity experts, passionate about the world of threat intelligence and the brains behind our powerful deception-powered platform. On our series, Meet The Crafters, we introduce you to some of them, and get their takes on current cybersecurity issues and today’s technology and challenges. Watch the video to get to know Rich Barrell, our Product Manager, and see why he signed on to CounterCraft’s vision for cybersecurity through deception-powered threat intelligence.

6 Apr

What’s the Real Difference Between Cyber Deception and Honeypots?


Once, decades ago, honeypots were synonymous with deception techniques in the cyber world. These clever pieces of data or desirable information were used to lure attackers and influence, often in real time, their behavior. Honeypots were sacrificial dumb computers, or simple emulations of dumb computers, used to gather basic information about an attack. They opened the door to gathering attack data and telemetry, and inspired a generation of cyber defense pioneers.

30 Mar

What We're Reading


March was full of interesting developments on the cyber front, including quite a bit of movement and developments on the nation-state side. Read on to find out what we’ve been talking about around the proverbial water cooler. Despite Microsoft Patch, US Government Warns of ‘Active Threat Still Developing’ From Open Back Doors The Microsoft email software breach has affected over 20,000 US organizations, and the US government continues to urge businesses to take it seriously.

29 Mar

Can You Trust Your IoCs?


Monday 9:35am. One of our customers receives an alert that their CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform has detected an interesting threat actor: Carbanak/Anunak. Taking a closer look at the notification, we can see that it seems that CounterCraft detected an IoC belonging to a threat actor. But when we take a look at the event that triggered the notification, we notice that the IP address was used by a process path associated with a very well-known crypto-miner:

24 Mar

ActiveBehavior™, Revolutionizing Deception Credibility


The world of deception technology is still evolving, as is to be expected in a developing sector. Today, CounterCraft presents what we believe to be a watershed moment in its evolution: the introduction of our new technology, ActiveBehavior™. This technology breathes convincing life into deception environments, automating a job that was previously manual and very costly—and it is fully integrated into our Cyber Deception Platform as a deception service.

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