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“An insider with trusted access can have a high impact with a relatively low execution cost, meaning they can affect organizations of all sizes and industries.”

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17 pages about how to identify, detect, and stop insider threat
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Insider threats can hang out in your network for months undetected, with the cost for mitigation rising exponentially. In fact, on average, incidents that take more than 90 days to contain cost organizations an average of $17.2 million on an annualized basis. What if you could provide high-confidence alerts to adversarial presence within your network?

Make malicious actors in your network work harder. Using deception techniques, you can create deception environments that will contain adversaries and collect threat intel to protect your network. The information provided by a deception campaign for insider threat is delivered in real time, composed of contextual and relevant IoCs, and cannot be sourced from anywhere else. Find out more in our ebook.

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