Keeping you one step ahead.

Our best-in-breed technology detects and defends against sophisticated attackers, while providing you with real adversary-generated threat intelligence.

Use cases.

Insider Threat

Protect intellectual property and trade secrets.

Lateral Movement

Immediately detect attackers and prevent privilege escalation.

External Attack Surface Monitoring

Measure external risk exposure.

Red Team Detection

Learn how we shut down red teams fast, every single time.


We can help keep you safer from ransomware attacks.

Active Directory Protection

Protecting vulnerable and valuable targets.


Legacy Systems Protection

Hardening OT/ICS/SCADA security.



Learn how we partner to protect against sophisticated nation-state actors.

Financial Services
& Banking

Compliance isn’t enough, active defense is crucial.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturers face a the dreaded cyber attack triple threat.


We provide energy sector’s security teams with detailed visibility.


As retailers digitally transform, they also significantly increase their attack surface.


This data-sensitive and highly attacked sector must go beyond detection.

Telecommunications. Mobile & ISPs

Society cannot afford compromise of these essential services.