Many options.
Always one step ahead.

The Platform

The best active defense tech on the planet.

A friction-free and ready to go solution.
Works inside and outside the traditional enterprise perimeter.
Highly automated deployment and management process.

The Edge

Focused threat intelligence services addressing top cyber threats.

Identify cyber threats before they attack.
Proactive protection of your network.
Fast and easy-to-implement cloud-based managed service.

The Pulse

Live threat intelligence around specific technology and active exploits.

Real-time threat intelligence feed.
Fully contextualized threat intelligence including IOCs and TTPs.
Identify threats before they affect your organization.

The Platform

We have built the highest-quality deception platform for active defense. Our proprietary ActiveLures populate ActiveSense environments and communicate using our ActiveLink technology.

CounterCraft’s unique technology includes preconfigured assets, a variety of use campaigns, and revolutionary breadcrumb tech.

The Edge

We have built a group of powerful threat intelligence services that identify cyber threats before they attack your assets, remote workers, and networks.

Proactively protect your network by deflecting attackers into a buffer zone to detect attacks early and deliver actionable threat intelligence to your team. Cloud-based managed service that is fast and easy to implement with no additional resources needed

The Pulse

The Pulse is a threat intelligence feed of prepared incident data from CounterCraft. The incident data gathered in near real-time using cyber deception shows detailed threat intelligence on live incidents.

Find out how attacks are being carried out right now, with detail and context on the threat intelligence.