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Cyber deception is the most effective way to identify threat actors in any organization’s network. Read on for insight into how it works to deliver actionable threat intelligence across industries.


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    The United States National Security Agency (NSA) issued a Cybersecurity Advisory on a recently discovered use of Living Off the Land Binaries (LOLBins) techniques by Volt Typhoon to evade detection by EDR, XDR and SIEM solutions. CounterCraft’s deception technology alerts on LOLBins automatically—and we ran a test this week to prove it. Read more

    How to Detect Living off the Land Attacks in Real Time: LOLBins and Deception Technology
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    EDR—the cybersecurity solution that is a vast improvement over mere endpoint protection and anti-virus solutions….right? Well, there is one small hitch—EDR is a reactive approach. EDR tools function on a reliance of behavioral analysis, meaning the attacks have already happened and now your team has to race against time to remediate them. EDR avoidance is… Read more

    {Webinar} EDR Isn’t Enough: How to Combat Blindsiding, Unhooking, DLL Injection & More
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    Everybody is doing it—threat hunting, that is. 88% of CISOs and IT Managers believe that threat hunting is rapidly becoming essential and are including it as part of their cybersecurity strategy. Many organizations have realized, traditional defense mechanisms just aren’t enough and need to shift their security defense approach towards a more proactive defense. As… Read more

    Tool Up Your Threat Hunting With Deception Technology
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    According to Gartner, Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) solutions will replace at least 15% of traditional detection and response solutions by 2025. That’s a big increase considering these solutions currently make up only 2% of detection and response market share. What exactly is AMTD? And, more importantly, why are organizations starting to implement it?  Take… Read more

    Dynamic Cyber Protection: How Automated Moving Target Defense is Revolutionizing Security
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    A major embarrassment, at best, and a national security threat at worst. The recent case of a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman charged with leaking top-secret U.S. documents shares at least one thing with another famous leaker Edward Snowden: They both worked in government tech support. Insider threat is one of the most difficult threats to… Read more

    {LinkedIn Live} Tech Support, Spies & Nation States: 5 Ways to Stop Insider Threats in Government
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    Cybersecurity News May Edition. Click through to find out what our team of experts was reading and talking about this month. Read more

    What We’re Reading : May Edition

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