April 1st is best known as April Fool’s Day, a day that, in many cultures, is reserved for playing tricks on friends, family, and social media followers. What better day, then, to choose to celebrate a day dedicated to deception technology? It is in that spirit that the cyber deception industry has come together to celebrate the first-ever Cyber Deception Day.

Here at CounterCraft, we are pumped to finally have a day of the year to talk even more about why our technology is the coolest out there. SANSMITRE, and Deceptive Defense have come together to organize this year’s celebrations. The goal? To recognize just how significant a part cyber deception plays in defending organizations. They have created a roster of activities that will bring together thought leaders and the players in the industry with the objectives of:

  • Provide knowledge and insight to experiences with cyber deception.
  • Openly discuss threats, solutions, and mitigation strategies leveraging deception.
  • Provide resources and insights on countless ways deception can be incorporated into IT security strategies.

Join us in celebrating the first annual Cyber Deception Day. You can catch our team participating in roundtables and giving chats all day long, no matter where you are in the world. There are many ways to tune in virtually.

MITRE is putting on a Denial, Deception & Drinks series. All day long on 4/1/2022, they will release new episodes on their YouTube channel. Sit down around the digital table with the best and brightest from across the industry to talk all things deception. Our Product Manager, Richard Barrell, will be participating in this event as part in a conversation around building a cyber deception maturity model. He will join participants from other vendors, University of Albany, and MITRE to discuss why we need a cyber deception maturity model, common misconceptions about maturity requirements, the cost of employing deception, and other general musings.

As part of Kevin Fiscus’s Deceptive Defense virtual event, we will participate in several sessions:

  • 08:15 ET /14:15h CET Our Customer Success Manager, Nicole Carignan, speaks on “A Deep Dive into Threat Actor Techniques Behind Attacks on Ukrainian Government Infrastructure”.
  • 12:15PM EST / 18:15h CET Amyn Gilani, CounterCraft’s Chief Growth Officer, participates in a Round Table Discussion on Deception.
  • 4:00PM EST / 22h CET Rich represents us at the Deception Call-in / Chat, where listeners can ask anything and everything they’ve ever wanted to learn about deception.

You can catch the full agenda of this action-packed event here.

See you on April 1st!