8 Nov

Analysis of an Emotet infection via a malicious Excel macro


Emotet is a very well-known malware family that was first discovered in 2014, and it remains one of the most prevalent threats of the decade. Sometimes referred to as Geodo or Feodo, Emotet is Windows-based malware that first appeared as a banking Trojan.

23 Aug

The Pulse™, Our New Intel Feed | Founder Chat


We recently launched CounterCraft The Pulse™, a new threat intel feed powered by deception. The Pulse™ provides fresh attack incident data in real time, and in this Founder Chat, David Barroso explains what exactly makes it unique.

14 Jul

{Ebook} Cyber Deception for Insider Threats: What You Need to Know


Imagine a threat actor that has legitimate credentials to make their way to their objectives, inside knowledge of network architecture, and plenty of time to ponder over what next action is to be taken.

12 Jul

IOCs, Intel, and Additional Resources from the BPFDoor Compromise


Our team detected a BPFDoor using deception techniques, and we recently hosted a webinar talking through our findings. BPFDoor uses a variety of techniques, including particularly clever ones that allow it to enable backdoors without opening ports.

5 Jul

The Human Behind the Keyboard: Analyzing Behavior to Gather Intelligence


Engaging red teams and learning from them is an exercise we typically find quite useful. In this red/blue team exercise, they are our adversaries, and sometimes we get really interesting results.

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