The Discovery of a New Traffic Anonymizing Network | Founder Chat

CounterCraft’s founders, Dan Brett and David Barroso, present another Founder Chat to talk about the latest discovery made by our team of experts.

CounterCraft has discovered a unique scheme in which threat actors are abusing SSH servers on captured machines as part of the final layer of traffic delivery. Instead of the traditional VPN traffic anonymization, these attackers are building their own infrastructure into a standard and necessary tool (SSH) so that it goes unnoticed among the regular computing activity.

Watch this video, featuring CounterCraft CSO Dan Brett and CEO David Barroso, to find out how we discovered this new (ab)use of SSH and what the consequences could be. This Founder Chat was inspired by an in-depth piece of research by founder and CEO, David Barroso. You can read it here.

The Discover of a New Traffic Anonymizing Network.
David and Dan, our founders, talk about unique research on a new anonymizing network scheme.

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