The team behind CounterCraft is a group of cybersecurity experts, passionate about the world of threat intelligence and the brains behind our powerful deception-powered platform. On our series, Meet The Crafters, we introduce you to some of them, and get their takes on current cybersecurity issues and today’s technology and challenges.

Watch the video to get to know Marti Buckley, our Content Creation Manager and learn how her background in food & travel marketing is influencing the new content coming out of CounterCraft.

Marti has over a decade of experience in marketing and content creation, but comes to CounterCraft with fresh eyes and loads of ideas. Her years as a journalist mean that she is passionate about copywriting (and is a stickler for grammar!).

Marti speaks with Dan Brett, CSO and Founder, about the challenge (and the fun) of adapting cyber marketing to today’s world and how she ended up at CounterCraft, along with a few asides about wine and pintxos — of course.

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