CounterCraft’s founders talk about the company’s new beta program designed to defend against ransomware.

The aim of the CounterCraft ransomware campaign is to discover threats early and use the intelligence uncovered to stop ransomware from being deployed.

CounterCraft has been running an alpha version of this campaign for some time. It is designed to detect the early stages of any ransomware attack. After studying the methodology of the typical ransomware attacks, we’ve broken down the steps that these groups take and designed a sophisticated campaign that looks for this type of activity. This campaign is now available to test drive in a three-month beta program.

“Ransomware is one of the biggest threats that every vertical is facing these days.”– David Barroso, CEO and founder of CounterCraft. [Tweet this!]

Watch this video, featuring CounterCraft CSO Dan Brett and CEO David Barroso, to find out how this beta program came about and how the campaign works to fight one of the most prevalent modern threats in cybersecurity today. Sign up for the beta program here.