CISO Panel Discussion on Operational Technology Security and Resilience
Michael Dugent

IoT Director at Nozomi Networks

David Brown

Chief Executive Officer at CounterCraft

Join Michael Dugent, IoT Director at Nozomi Networks, and David Brown, Chief Executive Officer at CounterCraft, as they delve into the critical topic of Operational Technology Security and Resilience. In a world where threats are ever-increasing, our panelists will discuss the latest CISA guidance to support state, local, and industry partners in securing the Operational Technology that underpins the functions we depend on daily.

Why Attend?

Gain insight into current challenges:

Understand the current challenges in Operational Technology Security from industry experts.

Delve into the latest CISA guidance:

Gain knowledge about the latest CISA guidance and its implications for Operational Technology Security.

Understand strategies for resilience:

Learn about strategies that can be employed to increase resilience against these threats.

Glimpse future trends and predictions:

Stay ahead of the curve by learning about future trends and predictions in Operational Technology Security.

This session is particularly suitable for CISOs and IT Security specialists who are looking to enhance their understanding of Operational Technology Security and Resilience. Join us for this enlightening 30-minute discussion as we navigate the complexities of securing our Operational Technology in an increasingly threatening world.

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