This page brings all the information about working with us, our values and open job opportunities together in one place.


We are looking for people who are as passionate as we are about cybersecurity, threat intelligence and deception techniques. Artists who can contribute to the team not only with their technical skills but also with their creativity, and who share our vision as much as we do.

Our values

The four C’s. Our way of being makes us unique, inspires us, commits us and projects us into the future


An attentive, active, expert and proactive attitude. Expert people, with experience, vision and a lot of knowledge. People capable of adapting, seeing this from other points of view, finding new paths.


Changing the perspective of security, being disruptive, speaking a new language and offering calm within this jungle can only be achieved in one way: having a great charisma, a strong, recognizable and clear personality.


When creativity is a way of being, our attitude has an intangible but extremely differential added value. A spirit resides in our DNA that makes us different: a skill and an experience loaded with ideas, imagination, intuition, curiosity. A spirit that becomes an art.


A powerful message doesn’t leave an impression on people if it's not communicated simply, frankly and clearly. Everything in us is clear, transparent, sincere and simple. We will take care of everything which is complex, so you can relax!