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Financial institutions are constantly bombarded with both external and internal attacks. Download this datasheet to find out how our deception-powered threat intelligence platform can help Financial Services protect assets and offload risks.

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“Financial services is one of the most targeted industries today, bombarded with ransomware and phishing attacks daily.”

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Four pages of insight into financial services security
A list of challenges for banks and financial institutions
A banking use case results and a customers testimonial
An example of a campaign designed to detect threat actors in SWIFT network
The technical scope and summary of the cyber deception platform
Capabilities and benefits of cyber deception in the world of banking and financial institutions

51% of financial institutions consider cyber threats to be one of the biggest risks facing their business today.

Security innovation is difficult for financial institutions, thanks to their size and importance. CounterCraft has developed a sophisticated, cyber-deception platform that installs quickly, and not only detects threat actors in a deception buffer zone but collects the TTPs they are using in the attack to help you proactively protect your organization.

Financial services need to protect critical payment systems like SWIFT, quickly understand the intentions of a phishing attack and learn from adversaries to help prevent fraud and ransomware activity. Check out this Financial Services datasheet to learn more about technology that is proven to gather actionable threat intelligence and offload risks.

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