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Operational Technology (OT), SCADA, Critical Infrastructure (CI), and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks are difficult to defend. Download this datasheet to read about how cyber deception is uniquely positioned to face the challenges inherent in these environments.

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“The use of outdated and physically isolated devices, and the convergence between the IT and the OT world, make these environments vulnerable to insider threats and external breach attempts.”

What’s inside?

Four content-packed pages on improving OT/SCADA/CI/ICS security
A list of challenges when merging OT and IT environments
A list of use cases for OT networks
The steps to building critical infrastructure campaigns
A list of the actionable intel deliverables cyber deception delivers
Capabilities and benefits of cyber deception in the world of OT security

Concerned about OT security vulnerabilities?

Find out how deception technology provides proactive protection of critical assets without imposing any burden on the normal operation of services.

Due to increasing attacks on critical infrastructure and physical systems, countermeasures against cyber attacks are crucial. OT environments are a critical operational component and can be difficult to defend. Integrated deception solutions make it easy to create critical infrastructure deception campaigns with zero disruption to business continuity.

This datasheet explains all the common challenges and offers accessible & automated security solutions. Download it now to find out how to protect your OT, SCADA, CI, and ICS networks and get real-time threat intelligence.

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