How does digital twin technology make you more cyber resilient?

In this ebook, find out how digital twin environments can be used to gather threat intel and deliver highly calibrated behavioral insight that will enable you to outlast and outsmart your digital adversaries.

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“Digital twins provide a powerful capability for the emulation of networks, enabling data-driven decision making processes.”

What will you find in this ebook?

Four pages of insight into digital twin technology.
Explanation by an expert of what digital twin technology is and why it works.
A list of benefits of threat deception using digital twin technology.
Game-changing technology like ActiveBehavior.

How can digital twin technology strengthen your security efforts?

Download this ebook to learn more about this buzzy technology and how to incorporate it into a strong and resilient defense. Learn how to lure and retain digital adversaries with realistic digital twin environments.

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing landscape with increasingly sophisticated adversaries. When you use digital twin environments to duplicate an organization’s systems, it enables you to gather threat intel specific to the organization.

Early detection combined with counteractive measures force your adversary to reveal their vulnerabilities, allowing your organization to gather actionable threat intel and make data-driven decisions. Find out how using digital twin tech can help your organization to be informed, proactive and resilient.

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Detect, deter and defend against cyberattacks with digital twin technology.