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“Being proactive creates a future-proof security strategy, and threat hunting is key to taking back the advantage.”

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A brief on the status of threat hunting today
Overview of how MITRE ATT&CK is used in threat hunting
Play by play of how cyber deception works to solve 8 of threat huntings’ most pressing issues

If intel is of poor quality, or doesn’t apply to your organization, don’t collect it. High-value data saves money, processing cycles, and team resources.

The fight against the breach can feel futile, now that the risks are more numerous and widespread than ever. And, as many organizations have realized, traditional defense mechanisms just aren’t enough. Despite a glut of security alerts, a simple phishing email can succeed in undermining an organizations’ defenses, and cloud-firstorganizations with traditional security tools just can’t scale to manage the influx of incoming data.

This whitepaper covers how threat hunting is key to taking back the advantage and how cyber deception is a natural fit for active defense. No technology is better than cyber deception at gathering threat intelligence specific to any attack surface, allowing teams to engage and deflect adversaries earlier on the cyber kill chain.

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