What if you could buy your team 48 hours to respond to threats in the retail sector?

Instead of scrambling to regain access to your own network, rest easy knowing the threat actor is busy revealing their motives and techniques in a contained, quarantined digital twin of your network. Watch this webinar to find out how deception technology gets you there.

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You’ll learn how to contain threats in the retail industry for an average of 48 hours, while you observe their movements, gather valuable intelligence, and make informed security adjustments in real time.

Attacks on retail businesses often come with a hefty price tag— an average of $3.3 million. It’s time to flip the script.

Tune in to this webinar to see:

How to gain a strategic advantage by buying time to stop threat actors.

How decoy environments can work in the retail industry to deflect adversaries and increase dwell time.

Find out why adversary-generated threat intel is 100x better than your generic threat intel feed.

Richard Barrell, Technical Evaluations Manager at CounterCraft

Richard Barrell

Product Specialist

In this webinar, Richard Barrell, Product Specialist at CounterCraft, shows how retail prime target for attackers due to the high financial stakes. In fact, the retail industry faces attacks from the beginning to the end, supply chains to POS. In this webinar, Richard shows how deception technology enables you to catch threat actors before they breach the network. No exfiltrated data means no reporting requirements, which means reputational damage is contained and your team can make adjustments to security posture based on real-time intel specific to your attack surface.

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