Case Study: Financial Services

Global Bank Uses CounterCraft to Detect Lateral Movement in a SWIFT Network

Download this cybersecurity case study to find out how our deception-powered threat intelligence platform helped our client to detect red teams and unauthorized users accessing their SWIFT networks and how they hardened their security system with the threat intelligence gathered.

Cybersecurity in Banking Case Study
Financial building

The Industry

Financial Services

The Challenge

  • The bank’s security team lacked clear and reliable detection controls for targeted adversaries that were present on internal and external networks.
  • Lateral movement on internal networks was nearly impossible to detect with the IT systems they had in place.
  • The risk of insider threat is high for banks, and the security team was not able to distinguish between normal activity and potentially malicious activity.

The Solution

  • The bank used CounterCraft The Platform™ to detect red teams and unauthorized users on five different attempts to access the SWIFT portal, stopping them from reaching the production environment. This allowed the bank to respond quickly to prevent future attacks and dangerous lateral movements.

51% of financial institutions consider cyber threats to be one of the biggest risks facing their business today

Financial services is one of the most targeted industries around, and insider threat is a huge risk to business as usual.

Find out how CounterCraft not only effectively detected lateral movement but helped the bank’s security team harden the entire network environment. This financial entity was thrilled with our platform’s ability to collect intel describing the TTPs, intentions, and motives of the attackers without increasing the risk profile of their organization.

Download the cybersecurity case study to learn more about how we protect the most valuable digital assets in the financial services industry.

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