Despite heavy investments in cybersecurity, targeted cyber attacks continue to succeed

Cyber Deception gives you a strategic advantage over attackers.
Proactively defend critical business systems, processes and data.

CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform

Distributed deception technology builds and deploys a synthetic environment that fools adversaries into engaging with false information and fake digital assets instead of real operational systems and data.

While attackers plot a path through the network, you are gathering detailed information about their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).

Pre-breach graph

Platform Benefits

Detect Early


Gain time to respond to attacks


Enhance cyber resilience

Generate high-quality alerts of threat actor activity earlier than any other system: Pre- & Post-Breach detection.

Force threat actors to reveal themselves during “pre-attack” phases of attack planning and reconnaissance, or during the internal lateral movement phase.


Collect Actionable Threat Intel


Prioritize your actions and decisions


Reduce cost

Collect TTPs and IOCs in real time to enable threat hunting and speed up incident response.

Automatically enrich threat data by mapping it to the MITRE ATT&CK.

Integrate with your Threat-Intel workflow: deliver high-impact threat intel feeds that are targeted and timely.


Proactively Protect your organization


Adapt your defenses in real - time


Prevent disruption from attacks

Integrate contextualized threat intelligence with incident response workflows.

Proactively reconfigure enterprise security systems to resist attacks.

Automatically engage threat actors to slow attacks and extract higher-impact threat intelligence data and reveal their TTPs and IOCs.

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CounterCraft: Unique Approach to Proactive Defense

Widest Coverage - Works inside and outside the traditional enterprise perimeter. Fully cloud integrated. Easily deploy buffer zones around vulnerable cloud assets.

Friction Free - Host-Based with Cloud Infrastructure integration - no need to plug into internal network equipment.

Highly Automated - Highly automated deployment and management process means reduced resource usage.

Ready to Go - Pre-installed with best-of-breed deception use-case catalogue. Non-experts can use the system out-of-the-box.

Use Case Flexibility - Campaign-based approach to deception allows you to deploy multiple use-cases for deception with the same tool.

Adversary Mapping - Don’t wait for the attackers to breach your network. Associate threat intel data with our adversary profiles. Get ahead of the threat cycle, understand their TTPs and strategic drivers.

Are you ready for Deception?
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Are you ready for deception?

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