Key use cases that fix the gaps in your security detection, intel gathering and response programmes

CounterCraft’s flexibility allows you to address multiple use cases at once adapting to your particular needs.

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"CounterCraft was the best way to quickly and efficiently evaluate the level of external reconnaissance focused on us"

Spear Phishing Intel –

Identify the strategic objective of the attacker

91% of cyber-attacks begin with a spear phishing attack. (****)

Spear phishing is a targeted type of attack that, unlike general phishing attacks, does not rely on a spam campaign. Instead, the victims are carefully selected.

See how our clients obtains a wealth of information about the attacker to mitigate their success.


Lateral Movement –

Immediately Detect the Attacker

1hr and 58 min is the average time it takes for an intruder to begin to move laterally. (**)

Malicious lateral movement can be very difficult to detect because it appears as normal network traffic.

See how our clients identify lateral movement of attackers in real time.


Detect External Threats –

Reduce the likelihood of breaches

Data breaches can cost up to $1.14 billion for large enterprises. (***)

Threat Intel allows you to prepare for cyber attacks and mitigate this threat. But, traditional threat intel is too generic and not actionable enough to be useful.

See how our clients get real time actionable threat intelligence before the breach occurs, and configure defensive systems to resist the attack, in seconds.


Insider Threats –

Protect Intellectual property and trade secrets

A third of data breaches in the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report involved internal actors.

Only 30% of insider threat data breaches are discovered within months, whilst 40% of them aren’t detected in years. (*)

See how our clients use deception to reduce Insider threat detection time to minutes.



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