Active Directory Protection.

Protecting the most vulnerable and valuable targets.

Who is it for?

Microsoft Active Directory is the default enterprise network operating system— it’s everywhere. Network, user and infrastructure data is all stored in this single, global repository, making Active Directory (AD) a very obvious target.

CounterCraft delivers actionable insight to reduce Active Directory and Azure AD attack surfaces by uncovering existing vulnerabilities and applying security best practices.

Detect advanced Active Directory attacks.


Detect malicious activity and prevent Active Directory attacks thanks to full visibility into the threat actor’s attack surface.


Profile your adversaries by generating high-impact threat intelligence, allowing you to fight back effectively.


Reconfigure your security infrastructure systems with the threat intel data provided by CounterCraft in real-time to boost enterprise security.

“According to our clients, time and time again CounterCraft has proven successful in protecting critical components such as Active Directory.”

Richard Barrell

Head of Product Management

Why CounterCraft?

CounterCraft’s technology allows organizations to protect Active Directory and maintain the integrity of their network. Defend and protect key revenue streams with minimal use of organization’s internal resources. Using deception technology adds an extra layer of protection to your existing security systems that allows teams to to detect, investigate and control any potential attack. The solution is deployed and managed entirely by CounterCraft in our own cloud and network, with a managed service option that ensures business continuity at a low operational cost.

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