CounterCraft The Service

CounterCraft The Service

CounterCraft The Service™ is deception-powered threat intel made easy. Buy it today, deploy it tomorrow, and get better threat intel-faster. The Service delivers relevant, contextualized threat intel powered by deception technology—with no training and zero ramp up time.

CounterCraft The Service™ combines the best deception technology in the marketplace with an elite team of experts that perform continuous analysis to deliver impactful intelligence. Everything you need to detect attacks quickly and easily collect relevant, actionable threat intel powered by deception technology— without training, ramp-up time, and recruitment of key personnel.

Powerful detection

Powerful detection

Force attackers to reveal themselves during “pre-attack” phases of attack planning and reconnaissance, or during the internal lateral movement phase.

Real-time threat intel

Real-time threat intel

Gather real time threat intelligence from adversaries’ activity and automatically enrich it with TTP, MITRE ATT&CK, and IOC context.

Collect Tailored Threat Intel

Adversary engagement

Interact directly with the adversary, in real time and applying MITRE ENGAGE activities, to manage, delay and deflect the attack to extract more intelligence data from the adversary.

Trusted by security teams around the globe.

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CounterCraft The Service is...


  • Reduced operational and security risk
  • Compliance with new NIST 800- 160 VOL 2 and 800-172 guidelines
  • Internal and external threat detection
  • No production asset access needed
  • Support Zero Trust Architecture to detect internal and external threats


  • Scale and automate as needed
  • Actionable intelligence – Fastest return on investment
  • No training or hiring of internal dedicated staff or deception experience needed
  • Data integrated with your threat intelligence and incident response workflows


  • Early breach detection
  • Reduced false positives
  • Offensive/defensive experts running your campaigns
  • Custom threat intelligence and access to industry specific threat intelligence feeds
  • Reduced staffing cost to support deception protection

Deployment doesn't get any easier.

We created CounterCraft The Service™ to make harnessing the power of deception technology easy for any organization. Top-quality threat intel is at your fingertips, in just a five easy steps.

request a demo

Request a demo


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CounterCraft executes and you get instant, real-time threat intelligence specific to your organization.

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You get high-value
services and deliverables.


Deception campaign architect

Deception campaign architect

Customized deception campaigns

Customized deception campaigns tailored to your organization’s attack surface

Purpose-built lures to attract actors

Purpose-built lures to attract actors to deception resources away from corporate resources

Constant monitoring

Constant monitoring of deception campaigns

Threat Intelligence Analysis of actors

Threat Intelligence Analysis of actors’ activity interactions with CTI experts

Ongoing customization of breadcrumbs, lures, deception hosts, and cloud services

Ongoing customization of breadcrumbs, lures, deception hosts, and cloud services in order to continue to identify and address threats and actors attacking your organization over time

Combination of internal and external deception campaign

Combination of internal and external deception campaigns for a more complete solution and more tailored threat intelligence


Complete deception campaign deployment

Complete deception campaign deployment (end-to-end)

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive reports ( including activity logs, process changes, binaries, PCAP, JSON, and more) on the threats that face your organization

inished Threat Intel Reports

Finished Threat Intel Reports

Automatic delivery of TTPs to SOCs / SIEMs / SOARs

Automatic delivery of TTPs to SOCs / SIEMs / SOARs

Ready to get started?

Now, with CounterCraft The Service™, we make it simple to get the benefits of our sophisticated technology, without using your team’s valuable resources. Our experts do the work to detect and analyze attacks, collect threat intel specific to your organization, and make sure your deception campaigns, results, and applied custom threat intelligence are effectively protecting your assets.