CounterCraft The Edge Ransomware threat intelligence service

Mitigate the threat of ransomware to your business by detecting the initial stages of targeted ransomware attacks.

Targeted ransomware attacks disrupt your business operations resulting in lost revenue.

Ransomware has evolved to become smarter and less noisy, infecting systems the attacker knows are important.

Organizations face a lack of resources to collect and analyze threat data and rapidly create actionable intel.

How can you be more active in your security defenses against ransomware?

CounterCraft The Edge for Ransomware Activity:

Deploy deception buffer zones with zero workload and effort to your threat intel team.

Collect Threat Intelligence - collect real-time, focused and actionable intel about how ransomware threat actors are trying to compromise internal and external Windows servers (Domain Controllers), with zero increase to analyst workload.

Detect Threats - detect when ransomware threat actors are conducting reconnaissance externally and/or moving laterally internally in real time.

Proactively Protect - Investigate Incidents rapidly and reconfigure enterprise systems in real time.

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