CounterCraft The Edge Spear Phishing threat intelligence service

Mitigate the risk of spear phishing attacks penetrating your organization.

There is always the possibility that someone, somewhere in your organization will click on a link that will result in your corporate network being compromised.

Are your security controls ready to stop targeted spear phishing attacks?

CounterCraft The Edge for Spear Phishing:

The goal of the Spear Phishing Intelligence Service is to deflect the spear phishing attack into a buffer zone to collect actionable and real-time threat intelligence about the attacker.

Deploy: CounterCraft deploys the deceptive buffer zone to fool the spear phishers.

Discover: Detonate received spear phishing emails in the deception buffer zone.

Detect: CounterCraft will detect when the threat actors are interacting with the deception buffer zone and you will be alerted immediately.

Collect Intel: CounterCraft will be collecting the techniques, tools and procedures (TTPs) they are using to attack. You will be able to access all this information through an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Proactively Protect: Integrate the intelligence gathered with your security infrastructure. Reconfigure your other security systems to detect and stop the TTPs you have discovered.

Pre-breach graph

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