Our Technology.

The disruptive technology behind the best active defense tech on the planet.

CounterCraft The Platform goes beyond detection and monitoring to deliver a solution that detects threats faster, manipulates adversaries and generates usable intelligence, custom to your organization.

Our technology makes it easy to:

Design and build deception campaigns.
Automate and deploy with one button.
Manage and monitor incidents in real time.
Redirect adversaries, even with pre-programmed responses.
Access, manage and deliver the threat intel from one clear dashboard.


Get adversaries right where you want them (and away from where you don’t).

ActiveSense Environments

Realistic environments that offer full visibility on attackers’ every move.

DeepSense Agent

Cutting edge tech that delivers telemetry without detection.


Delivering ultra-credible human behavior without lifting a finger.


Completely cloaked command and control.

Deception Director

Your center for gathering real-time threat intelligence, specific to your organization.


Technology that fits neatly into your existing security stack.

Are you ready for deception?

Wondering if deception is right for your organization? This ebook will give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Download it today to discover if you are ready for deception technology.

Nine pages designed to explain deception readiness.

  • A quiz to help you assess next steps.
  • An overview of low, medium and high maturity business profiles.
  • Contact information to get an in-person assessment if you desire.