We are back from Infosecurity Europe, the largest conference on information security in the region. Just like last year —when we participated for the first time as exhibitors— it was a remarkable experience.

We noticed an increasing interest among attendees regarding deception technologies. Nowadays, many companies understand that a traditional security approach —such as unsuccessfully trying to keep intruders out of a system— is not enough to make an organization secure. Instead, there is a pressing need to incorporate a complementary solution to fill this security gap.

This interest was very positive for us, and our security crafters were very busy doing demos of CounterCraft to potential customers who already knew about the value of deception technology, and to others who just discovered it at the trade show. If you missed this opportunity, we invite you to contact us for and ask for a demo here.

Next stop: Innovative City 2017

Besides showing attendees the many benefits of CounterCraft’s Deception Platform —such as the zero false positives it provides—, we also had time to meet with potential partners who wanted to know more about our cutting-edge technology. And we participated in some networking activities as well, with other professionals in the field and some experts with whom we exchanged interesting ideas on security.

We are looking forward to repeating this wonderful experience again in 2018. Meanwhile, this summer is going to be full of events for CounterCraft. In June, Andoni Valverde, Head of Client Integration, will participate as a speaker at EuskalHack Security Congress II, which will take place in San Sebastian. And in July we will travel abroad once more, this time to Nice (France), to exhibit at Innovative City 2017.

We hope to see you there!