Security of OT systems is one of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today. OT systems are extremely vulnerable to the ever-increasing number of ransomware attacks, as OT devices simply don’t have the same level of protection as IT devices. Now, CounterCraft has partnered with Hexagon US Federal to bridge the gap and modernize the security of OT devices and offer a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for federal Operational Technology (OT)/Industrial Control Systems (ICS) organizations.

CounterCraft and Hexagon US Federal announce a business partnership aimed at strengthening cybersecurity across federal critical infrastructure systems. By combining deception technology and Hexagon’s portfolio of OT/ICS technology, organizations can greatly enhance their overall cyber protection and OT resilience. Hexagon US Federal provides world-class technology and professional services for C5ISR, installation security, autonomous solutions, GIS, assured, positioning, navigation, and timing, and Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. Dedicated to the delivery of Hexagon technology and services to the US federal government, including defense, intelligence, and civilian organizations, Hexagon builds unique solutions that help their customers design, build, maintain, manage, operate, and protect.

CounterCraft strengthens Hexagon US Federal’s security solution thanks to unique deception technology, which enables organizations to:

  • improve threat detection and response
  • harvest accurate Indicators of Compromise and Techniques, Tactics and Procedures
  • generate machine-readable threat intelligence
  • engage attackers actively
  • provide a comprehensive OT cybersecurity solution for asset visualization, vulnerability/patch management, configuration management, and enterprise resiliency/recovery

This go-to-market partnership enables Hexagon US Federal and CounterCraft to bring their award-winning and innovative cyber platforms to clients who seek a comprehensive cybersecurity offering. CounterCraft’s platform uses sophisticated deception environments to detect and alert unauthorized adversarial activity.

“Together with Hexagon US Federal, we have a comprehensive solution to modernize OT systems and protect them with additional layers of security to divert threat actors and actively collect threat intelligence on adversarial behavior,” comments Amyn Gilani, Chief Growth Officer of CounterCraft. “I’m happy to be partnering with Hexagon US Federal to provide the market with a complete OT security solution with top-tier tradecraft and innovative technology.”

Working with Hexagon US Federal is a strategic partnership that means CounterCraft is poised to provide deception technology and advanced threat intelligence across the U.S. Government and OT/ICS systems.

“We are really excited about what this new partnership means for our US federal government customers.” comments Tammer Olibah, CEO and President, Hexagon US Federal. “By combining CounterCraft’s cyber threat intelligence technologies with Hexagon’s cyber protection solutions for operational technology, we are able to bring a more complete range of capabilities to our customers that enable them to improve their cyber-resilience and more effectively combat cyber threats.”

CounterCraft’s platform includes specific enhancements to their deception technology to deal with difficult-to-protect OT environments. These make the platform especially well-prepared for defense and national security clients, thanks to its ability to work on air-gapped systems and unique technology features that make it virtually impossible to detect.

Hexagon’s PAS OT Integrity platform, offered via Hexagon US Federal, hardens industrial control systems against safety and reliability threats by automating Process Control Network (PCN) asset management, configuration baseline and policy enforcement, vulnerability and patch management, change management, reporting, and enterprise resiliency via robust backup and recovery capability. Cyber Integrity provides these capabilities for the major control systems including OT/ICS/SCADA and IT assets. This encompasses both networked devices as well as isolated devices. Cyber Integrity is the only solution on the market that provides in-depth visibility down to level 0 of the Purdue Model.

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