The federal government and military sectors are continuously under cyber attack by sophisticated and nation-state threat actors. New threats are discovered every day, which means your organization needs the most advanced detection and response capabilities available as well as custom cybersecurity solutions.

Governments have a unique set of challenges that necessitates unique solutions. They are not looking for complicated training cycles or complex installations. Working with legacy systems is virtually a prerequisite. Operational disruptions can be devastating.

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Cyber deception offers solutions for all of these challenges. With deception technology, governments can match the sophisticated tactics of nation-state threat actors. We have seen our technology do just that for governments across the world. Download our federal fact sheet to find out exactly how governments are using CounterCraft.

Read on to find out the top three use cases governments have for cyber deception.

1. Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operation Capabilities

Nation-state level threats require active defense. Cybersecurity teams need tools to be able to interact with different ransomware operators, phishing, cyber criminals they have been investigating. Goals are tough, ranging from getting attribution to evidence gathering for asset forfeiture or seizure. 

Using The Platform™, cyber operations teams and program managers have the ability to utilize best-in-class technology to collect and analyze tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) from adversaries and insider threats while supporting threat hunting, red teaming, and more. The Platform™ features quick deployment to support OCO and DCO missions.

2. Cyber Crime Intel for Analysts and Investigators

Deception provides a vehicle to collect adversary generated threat intelligence. This is threat intelligence generated by an actual adversary targeting your specific organization/network/infrastructure, how they are attacking it, with what tools and techniques, and outlining their objectives.

CounterCraft’s deception-based technology provides security teams with access to threat intelligence and critical cybercrime information including attribution, tactics and other mission-critical data, allowing for faster mitigation of threats posed by cybercrime actors.

3. Cyber Threat Detection for Sensitive and High-Value Systems

Our deception-based technology specializes in detecting and diverting lateral movement and insider threats in real-time that traditional and less sophisticated cybersecurity detection and response solutions will miss.

We make it easy to set up deception environments in unused network environments to identify actors targeting that organization or sector. Capitalizing on these networks to set up deception environments and gather actionable intel on adversaries can be used to indict and fortify the federal sector’s networks.

Our clients use our technology successfully every day to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Learn how active defense works as a force multiplier. Born from the GCHQ Accelerator, and backed by In-Q-Tel, our technology is tested by the Defense Innovation Unit and trusted by the US Air Force. Request a demo today!

Download our fact sheet to learn more about how governments across the world use CounterCraft as part of their cybersecurity strategy.

Dan Brett is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of CounterCraft. Highly accomplished in achieving outstanding growth for B2B startups, he contributes a great depth of cybersecurity knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior. Follow him on LinkedIn.