CounterCraft participated in the Basque Industry 4.0 Conference, an annual event that takes place in San Sebastian, Spain, and that combines strategy, opinions, technology, experiences and workshops. Basque Industry 4.0 gathered 1,700 attendees interested in learning more about additive manufacturing, collaborative robots, cybernetic systems, augmented reality, cloud computing, big data, virtual reality and of course cybersecurity.

The role of cybersecurity in the fourth industrial revolution

Cybersecurity is currently one of the biggest challenges for the industrial sector. Nowadays we are living in what has been called the fourth industrial revolution, which focuses on the automation, smart connection and digitisation in manufacturing technologies. Data is at the very core of industry 4.0. Therefore, protecting it to avoid industrial espionage is essential for any organisation.

Industrial espionage might sound like something from a James Bond film, but it’s a very real threat that shouldn’t be underestimated. Take for example the malware known as Stuxnet, which infected over 200,000 computers in 2010. Or the Petya ransomware attack that took place earlier this year, which infected thousands of computers in Europe and the US, and caused disruption in companies like Mondelez and AP Moller-Maersk.

According to Frost & Sullivan, cybersecurity damages on industries worldwide are estimated at €40-€50 billion per year. So it’s no wonder at all that organisations are concerned about what the future may bring regarding Industry 4.0.

Time to turn the tables on attackers with counterintelligence

As we see every day in the news, companies in the industrial sector are being compromised, and have valuable information stolen.

With targeted attacks knowledgeable adversaries can evade protection solutions and establish themselves inside the networks of their victims. This can cause the industrial sector not only economic losses but also a reputation crisis.

It’s time to stop the data breaches. The traditional cybersecurity approach, which tries to keep attackers outside a system, has proven to be ineffective and insufficient. Organisations involved in the fourth industrial revolution cannot remain passive anymore, and must incorporate cutting-edge solutions that are up to standard with the technological changes in the sector.

It’s time to turn the tables on adversaries with counterintelligence.

A deception platform to run automated counterintelligence campaigns

Including a deception platform as part of a holistic cybersecurity strategy can help industrial organisations become effectively secure through an active defence. With this innovative platform, they are able to lure attackers on purpose with decoys to gather valuable intelligence about them and their intentions.

CounterCraft is the first product to automate counterintelligence campaigns across all of the digital assets of an organisation. This deception platform offers a 95% cost reduction when compared to manual deception techniques, and provides zero false positives, due to its digital breadcrumbs, crafted to appeal only to attackers. Plus, it doesn’t flood users with immense amounts of irrelevant data to sift through—they only get high-quality information that will help them take the appropriate measures to make their organisation more secure.

CounterCraft is at the forefront of this industry in Europe. With a combined experience of more than 15 years in IT security our team is fuelled by the drive to stay informed, protected and ahead of the curve.

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