The future is in the cloud. This means threat actors have access to data and crown jewels via external and cloud services. In fact, attacks on cloud services users reached nearly 7.5 million in the second quarter of 2020.

This widespread problem presents a challenge to security teams, as activity is taking place outside of their own network, and generic threat intelligence feeds provide no useful information. CounterCraft is the only threat intelligence tech company that allows pre-breach activity detection. CounterCraft’s threat intel campaigns concentrate on external and cloud services, using sophisticated tools to collect high-impact data that is targeted and timely from the organization’s own external attack-surface. The CounterCraft campaigns do so with zero impact on the internal network, and the tailored data they provide allows security teams to make changes to their infrastructure in real-time to fend off threat actors.

CounterCraft’s deception campaigns have proven effective in collecting high-impact data on threat actors that is targeted and timely, from the organization’s own external attack surface. Watch the video to hear what one of our clients has to say about their success with CounterCraft.

With our platform, our clients have had success:

  • Detecting pre-attack activity before any network breach has occurred.
  • Interacting outside the traditional network perimeter.
  • Collecting and analyzing threat intelligence to make real-time changes in the security posture based on adversary patterns and TTPs.
  • Obtaining actionable threat intelligence specific to their organizations.
  • Profiling adversaries with zero impact on internal network structures.

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