You’ll find us at RSA Conference 2019 4-8 March in sunny San Francisco, in the South Expo booth 3342. We recommend getting in touch to book a demo or a meeting in advance to help you make the most of your time at the conference.

CounterCraft CEO, David Barroso, will be joined by CSO Dan Brett and Threat Intelligence Business Area Lead, Nahim Fazal, so don’t miss your chance to get to know the team better, or catch up over a beer if you’re already acquainted. This year represents a significant milestone for CounterCraft as we demonstrate the latest advancements within the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform to a global audience at one of the best-attended conferences in the cybersecurity industry. Follow our exploits using #RSAC.

PLUS we have some Expo Plus Passes to give away! Use this code XEU9CNTRCRFT on the RSA Registration Page and take advantage of this free opportunity to attend and be part of the global community, who together are moving the industry forward. We look forward to seeing you there!

Catching up with the global CISO community

We spent a lot of time in the air and on the road attending industry events and conferences all over the globe, all year round, but each spring we especially look forward to catching up with the global CISO community and those who live on the west coast at RSA Conference. True to its reputation, RSA Conference is a must-have on your list of annual events for anyone who’s anyone in cybersecurity. Following achieving global recognition as Startup of the Year in 2018 by Info Security Product Guide Global Excellence Awards as well as securing our place in the list of the top 100 private companies in the European region in the Red Herring 100 Europe 2018 awards, we are preparing for an even bigger and better trip to San Francisco this year, where we’ll be demonstrating our recent, groundbreaking developments to the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform.

Hearing the latest pain points for CISOs, and helping them solve them

With such a vast array of delegates and prestigious industry influencers on the list to attend, RSA Conference is the perfect opportunity to check in with CISOs and cybersecurity experts representing organizations from each market around the world. We’re still early into 2019, so predictions, product roadmaps and cyber resilience planning are still hot topics of conversation and have the potential to help inform and drive our own product strategy for 2019 and beyond. To date, some of our most advanced technical developments and product releases are the results of highly collaborative efforts between us and our customers and partners. As we move forward this year, feedback will remain fundamental to shaping what the future looks like for CounterCraft. Cementing those relationships and engaging in some good old fashioned conversation with new prospects, as well as old friends is something we always look forward to.

In the meantime, get a better insight into how deception helps CISOs overcome the challenges of cyber security on the CounterCraft blog.

Representing important relationships and building new ones

This year CounterCraft is not only exhibiting at RSA Conference, we’re also representing the Department of International Trade as GCHQ alumni, championing our connection with the UK as we continue to expand our presence in the UK market.

We’ll attend alongside our partners, ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cyber Security Unit, and Spanish and Latin America fraud prevention and intelligence vendor BOTECH FPI, who will exhibit in the Spanish pavilion.

We are actively seeking new partners in the US as part of our commercial growth strategy for 2019 – and what better place to continue those conversations than at the fulcrum event for the cybersecurity community in San Francisco? Come and chat to us to learn more about our collaborations.

Demonstrating progress in the emerging deception market

We’ve been talking about deception technology for a while now – over three years in fact – we celebrated our 3rd birthday last September. The deception market, however, is still very much an emerging market within the broader cybersecurity landscape, and as other new technologies infiltrate the way we do business alongside global agendas for digital transformation, cyber deception is starting to come of age. We noticed a shift in the conversations we had last year at RSA Conference, and we’re excited to be part of driving thought leadership around what we’re calling enterprise cyber counterintelligence – and we are proud to be the only high-end deception solution provider as we move rapidly into this space. This diversifies away from the traditional cybersecurity solutions market, going beyond just detecting threats, to investigating and engaging with them. Watch this in real time with our Red Button demo – press the red button to launch a simulated attack and see how CounterCraft initiates defense to determine critical insights into adversarial behavior. A completely different approach to disrupting threat actors before they do harm.

With such a huge development path ahead for deception, RSA Conference 2019 will undoubtedly reveal important changes in organizations’ attitude towards risk, as corporate IT security functions evolve to tackle the threats of today and tomorrow.

See full-spectrum deception in action at booth S3342 – book your demo now.