Defending the nation with world-class threat detection technology.

Born from the GCHQ Accelerator, backed by In-Q-Tel, tested by the Defense Innovation Unit, and trusted by the US Air Force, CounterCraft provides the best threat detection capabilities to defend against nation-state cyber adversaries. With an established track record of national security deployments our cyber threat detection platform allows national defense and security organizations to detect, investigate and disrupt advanced cyber threats on internal and external facing networks faster than ever before.

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Detecting and disrupting advanced cyber threats.

Our cyber technology solutions help your team stay one step ahead of threat actors, protect key assets, and provide real-time, adversary generated threat intelligence based on your unique attack surface.

Powerful detection

CounterCraft The Platform

Develop, customize and orchestrate deception campaigns; analyze threats and instrument security controls uplifts.

Powerful detection

CounterCraft The Edge

Safely divert cyber attacks away from your production environment and gain actionable threat intelligence.

Powerful detection

CounterCraft The Pulse

Adversary-generated threat intelligence based on specific threats, technology and vulnerabilities, delivered in near real-time.


Advanced Military Features

The Platform features sophisticated cyber deception capabilities that provide unique advanced military tools in cyber operations.

Air-Gapped Deception Solution
CounterCraft’s deception platform can be air gapped, providing necessary deception capability inside critical networks to detect insider threats or lateral movement.

Operational or Mission Protection Layer
The Platform can be used to add additional layers of protection and detection within the mission or operational environments.

Active Defense
Deception techniques can be used both defensively and offensively. CounterCraft offers the possibility to deploy offensively both in terms of real-time active defense or through misinformation and propagation of false data.

Realistic Training in Cyberspace
The Platform is essentially an orchestration platform for setting up networks that could be used for training purposes. The product has a built-in library that enables blue teams to develop their responses in a friendly environment without risk.

Daisy-Chaining Deception Proxy Solution
CounterCraft The Platform includes the ability to quickly deploy and tear down a chain of deception proxies to perform cyber operations. This protects those conducting the operations with layers of proxies as well as the ability to detect any actors that enter the operational environment as a result.

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CounterCraft The Platform can be used to build a network that is attractive to specific types of threat actors to analyze their behavior, techniques and tactics and gather valuable threat intelligence.

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