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Concerned about sophisticated nation-state threat actors?
We have a solution.

The government is a major target for cyber criminals, thanks to the valuable data and infrastructure it houses. CounterCraft’s deception technology can protect and defend from even the most sophisticated cyber attacks—in fact, it is already doing so for organizations like the US DoD and NATO.

Federal data sheet
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What’s inside?

  • Four pages of insight into cybersecurity and government
  • A list of challenges to protecting governments and the federal sector
  • A list of federal sector use cases
  • An example of a confidential information access campaign
  • The technical scope and summary of the cyber deception platform
  • Capabilities and benefits of cyber deception in the world of banking and financial institutions

86% of IT decision-makers believed their organizations had been targeted by a threat actor operating on behalf of a nation-state.

Government agencies have always been a primary target of cyber criminals. CounterCraft has developed a sophisticated cyber-deception platform that installs quickly and addresses some of the biggest challenges across sectors, from military to state departments, including data exfiltration, insider threat, operational confidentiality, and gaining intel.

Government sectors must protect critical infrastructure components to keep their countries safe and their systems operational.

Check out this government industry datasheet to learn more about technology that is proven to gather actionable threat intelligence and offer security visibility across vast infrastructures.

The most powerful tool for gathering real-time, tailored threat intel.