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Concerned about growing cyber threats to the oil & gas industry?
We have a solution.

The oil & gas sector is a critical infrastructure component with high-value and hard-to-protect systems. Download this datasheet to find out how CounterCraft’s sophisticated deception technology can protect critical infrastructure.

Oil & Gas data sheet
Oil & Gas data sheet on ipad

What’s inside?

  • Four pages of insight into the oil & gas industry
  • A list of challenges for the oil & gas sector
  • Use cases affecting industry
  • An example of a cyber deception campaign to protect systems
  • The technical scope and technical summary of the cyber deception platform
  • Capabilities and benefits of cyber deception in the oil & gas industry

28% of the oil sector and 25% of natural gas companies are highly susceptible to ransomware attacks.

Oil & gas enterprises have custom systems that are difficult to defend. CounterCraft has developed a sophisticated, cyber-deception platform that installs quickly, and not only detects threat actors in a deception buffer zone but collects the TTPs they are using in the attack to help you proactively protect your organization.

The oil & gas sector needs to protect its operational technology and its custom, difficult-to-integrate systems.

Check out this oil & gas datasheet to learn more about technology that is proven to gather actionable threat intelligence and offload risks.

Want to protect your critical infrastructure organization while gathering real-time, tailored threat intel?