CounterCraft, the adversary-generated threat detection solution powered by deception, and Deloitte, the leading consulting, advisory and audit services firm, today announced their strategic partnership in the cybersecurity sector.  This partnership makes CounterCraft’s industry-leading adversary-generated threat detection will now be part of the expertise and solutions offered by Deloitte.

CounterCraft & Deloitte Introduce Adversary-Generated Threat Intel

Deloitte and CounterCraft have consolidated a key strategic partnership that combines Deloitte’s consulting expertise with CounterCraft’s cutting-edge deception technology. This alliance has elevated cybersecurity to a new level, bringing deception projects to life for different clients in many countries. 

Through this collaboration, CounterCraft and Deloitte have leveraged other types of solutions related to integration and collaboration with other Deloitte services, such as Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, and Detect & Respond. This multidisciplinary synergy ensures a holistic response to threats, leveraging the expertise and accumulated experience of each area, thus offering more robust and complete solutions to clients.

“CounterCraft is delighted to build a partnership with Deloitte, thanks to their team, its expertise, and their innovation capabilities.” said Christian Stanford, VP of Global Channels at CounterCraft.

“Empowering organizations to make informed decisions about their cyber security strategy is at the heart of the partnership.”

CounterCraft provides actionable threat intelligence in real time using deception technology. Unlike comparable technology, which takes up to 270 days to provide threat intelligence that requires an analyst to determine if it’s relevant or not,  CounterCraft delivers intelligence generated by adversaries, in real time, that enables immediate remediation and buys security teams an average of 48 hours to respond to threats.  

The combination of Deloitte’s services and CounterCraft’s technologies helps customers across sectors across the world to meet regulatory norms like ISO and NIST, as well as Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). With a flexible deployment model, it is simple to get started, whether it’s on the cloud, on OT systems, or on air-gapped networks.

Download the full press release here.

About CounterCraft

CounterCraft is a software company that goes beyond detection and response to provide proactive cybersecurity solutions and detect attacks faster for the world’s leading organizations. Their premier product, CounterCraft The Platform™, consistently stops red teams, spear phishing, ransomware attacks and insider threats. This distributed deception platform is a global leader in active defense, with tooling that provides real-time intelligence and the capability to manipulate adversary behavior. Their technology stops attackers in pre-breach recon phases, integrates contextualized threat intel with incident response workflows, and saves money and time by helping security teams prioritize their actions. CounterCraft The Platform is used successfully around the globe by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, including the US Department of Defense. 

About Deloitte

Deloitte has contributed to the development of business organizations and society during its more than 175 years of history. Faced with a constantly evolving reality, it has established itself as the advisor of reference for the transformation of large national and multinational companies using a multidisciplinary approach based on excellence, technological innovation and the continuous development of the talent of its professionals, maintaining its position as a leading professional services firm in Spain and the world. The organization has strengthened its position by impacting clients, communities and people through the Make an impact that matters initiative, which is implemented in social action programs -WorldClass-, action against climate change -WorldClimate-, and its ALL IN diversity and inclusion strategy. Globally, the firm is present in more than 150 countries, where more than 345,000 professionals work.

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