Legacy Systems Protection.

Hardening OT/ICS/SCADA security.

Operational Technology (OT) networks, SCADA, and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have many unique characteristics that make defensive countermeasures against cyber attacks a challenging job. The use of outdated and physically isolated devices and the inevitable convergence between the IT and the OT world makes these environments difficult to defend.

Deception technologies can be used to protect these legacy systems. CounterCraft The Platform™  is a zero-impact security solution, ideal for this type of system. Gather valuable first-hand threat intel on those who are targeting your OT systems with no network disruption and no need to modify existing SCADA networks.

Adding cutting edge security to legacy systems.


Hassle-free protection of critical assets without imposing any burden on the normal operation of services.


Collect actionable threat intelligence that is specific to your organization’s attack surface to bulletproof your security strategy.


Strengthen your current security control sets based on objective and real-time evidence of adversaries circumventing current security control, all easy to share with SIEM, SOAR and the rest of the security team.

“Investment in OT security is a must, and adversary-generated data is priceless.”

David Brown


Why CounterCraft?

Deception can help in the proactive protection of critical assets without imposing any burden on the normal operation of services. CounterCraft’s approach does not require modifying existing SCADA/ICS networks. The Platform™ provides early detection that goes hand in hand with operational continuity. Stop insider threats and external breach attempts with powerful deception technology.

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