Insider Threat.

Take back the advantage from the malicious insider.

Detecting insider threats is not easy for security teams. In fact, 40% of insider threat attacks go undiscovered for years, in large part because the insider has legitimate access to the organization’s information and assets. Distinguishing between normal activity and potentially malicious activity is a huge challenge.

CounterCraft’s active defense technology is the best way to protect against insider threats. Cyber deception gives security teams the tools they need to enact a proactive, prevention-focused mitigation program to detect and identify threats, assess risk, and manage risk before an incident occurs.

High-confidence alerts to hard-to-detect insiders.


Detect insider threats not identified by other systems or security controls, quickly and with no false alerts.


Manage attacks in real-time by reconfiguring IT Security systems with the threat intel data provided by CounterCraft to boost enterprise security.


Profile your adversaries by generating high-impact threat intelligence, allowing you to fight back effectively

“Deceiving adversaries with high-credibility decoys that look like real production assets is the single most effective solution against insider threats.”

Fernando Braquehais

Head of Development

Why CounterCraft?

Unlike other solutions, CounterCraft The PlatformTM enables CISOs to detect malicious insider activity in the early stages of the threat cycle. CounterCraft, the most secure active defense tech on the planet, is able to not only detect but constantly monitor active insider threats. This helps organizations mitigate the threat by reconfiguring IT systems.

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