CounterCraft Cloud is a cyber-deception-as-a-service that identifies and profiles cyber threats before they attack your online IT assets, remote workers, and networks. With CounterCraft Cloud you get tailored threat intelligence campaigns with minimal investment of resources. The powerful and precise technology means you will receive IOCs and TTP alerts specific to your organization. Watch our video to get a better idea of what the service can do for you and your business.

CounterCraft Cloud is a subscription service, like Netflix, for advanced deception technology. You choose from our selection of threat intel campaigns, all based on our pioneering deception technology, and just let them play.

Once you choose your campaign, CounterCraft spins up and manages the service. You don’t have to dedicate resources or purchase, deploy, or configure infrastructure. You just pay a monthly subscription fee.

Our advanced monitoring dashboard enhances security, discovery, analysis and risk governance data while uncovering previously unidentified actors and cyber threats.

CounterCraft Cloud offers threat intel campaigns for

Choose from one of our Cloud campaigns and get started today.